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All the Natural Decor Ideas You Need to Turn Your Home Into an Earthy Oasis


In order to get a substantial profit to elicit motivation, you need to develop a focused marketing strategy. This means, having a marketing strategy in place even before you plant your crops. You already have a target market in mind and you already have a plan to reach that target. In this way, you can eliminate wastage of produce by not planting unnecessarily crops or plants that will not sell well in the market.

There are a number of ways to dispose of your produce. You can setup a small stall on your own yard every weekend, for example. Your neighbor can easily pass the word that there are fresh organic vegetables or fruits two or three blocks away.

You can also use the so called tail-gate marketing approach where you park your van along the roadside and sell your produce directly to passersby. This is a fast and cheap way to sell your produce but it is not the most effective. You’re putting too much hope that people will stop and buy your produce.

But if you really want to market your organic produce, you can go to a farmer’s market and supply your produce there. The good thing about a farmer’s market is that they are a little lenient when it comes to consistency of quality. They pay you what your produce is worth.

Another advantage of a farmer’s market is establishing a network of contacts of both customers and dealers or suppliers. It will serve as your gateway to commercial viability.

Market organic gardening focuses on the commercial aspects of gardening. It has added responsibilities since you now have to answer to your customers but it should always carry one thing, the love you have for gardening.

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